"Slow travel is not only about traveling from one place to another, it is also about immersing oneself in a destination."

— Wikipedia Slow Movement

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What is slow travel?

We see it often: tourists running from one place to another. Just arrived at one spot and already packing to go to the next spot. And if that makes you happy, who are we to judge? But do you know this is very impactful on the local community? A better way of traveling is slow traveling. We will elaborate the history, meaning and our experience with slow traveling in this blog.

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NEW! From 2022 Travel Services by Moment of Joy

We have been busy lately with developing unique travel packages for slow travel experiences! Finally and hopefully the Covid-19 nightmare seems to slowly belong to our past... Now we are ready to share our slow travel experiences with you all!In al the experiences we offer there's a little bit from both of us. Which means that it are packages full of joy, consciousness, local friendly, craziness and slow traveling. Besides that, we will start offering visa services. Whether you want to visit Bangladesh, India or Nepal, or if you want to go to Europe. We are always broadening our experiences. Are you a local (Air)BnB or company in Europe, The Netherlands, Bangladesh, India or Nepal? And do you have an unique, eco, slow travel, local travel experience to offer? We would love to collaborate! Please contact us in the form below, or send a Whatsapp message. 

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Audio-Visual short travel stories


Of short travel stories, which started in 2018 and 2019.

Capturing moments

In environmental sounds and one single picture. 


Capturing a specific moment and a short story. 

Keep on collecting

This is an ongoing project, depending on where we are.

8 stories | Unexpected meetings


Hiking from Kathmandu to Melamchi. Unexpected meetings and beautiful nature. Travel with us to Nepal in 8 short stories. 

4 stories | From city to village


From the city life of Kolkata to the village life near Shantiniketan. Travel with us to India in 4 stories.

7 stories | Daily life


The daily life in Dhaka captured, as well in Kushtia and surroundings. From huge shopping malls to local transport. Travel with us to Bangladesh in 7 stories.

Music Videos

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Mystical Evening

Images shot in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
Music recorded in The Netherlands.
Cinematography by Hossain Adil Music and Editing by Reina Rodina.

© Moment of Joy 2019


Varanasi, India

Hazy Varanasi

Images shot in Varanasi, India. 
Music recorded in Varanasi and The Netherlands. 

Cinematography by Hossain Adil and editing by Reina Rodina.

© Moment of Joy 2020


Ibiza, Europe

Enchanting Morning

Images shot on Ibiza, Spain.
Music recorded in Ibiza and The Netherlands. 

Cinematography by Hossain Adil and editing by Reina Rodina.

© Moment of Joy 2020