Moment of Joy

We aim to give small moments of joy a platform, by offering local travel services, an artist residency space and sharing stories ourselves. 

In our busy and fast life it is so easy to pass by and not notice these small moments anymore.   


"Every single second of life is so precious. It inspires us to enjoy these small moments in our lives."


We hope to inspire people all over the world to open up for those small moments again, by offering unique experiences in Bangladesh, India and Europe. 

To eventually feel more connected and be more aware of the world, nature and people around us.

Want to travel like a local in Europe, Bangladesh, India or Nepal? Contact us to discuss the possibilities!
Are you an artist and looking for a space to work? Click here for more information. 

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Who are we?


From Bangladesh.
Exciting and enthusiastic tour guide.
Executive producer. 
Street photographer.
Amazing cook.
Short film maker.
Music and nature lover.


From The Netherlands.
Virtual Assistant.
Creative producer and fund raiser.
Music producer and song writer.
Recording environmental sounds.
Editing video and writing blogs.
Yoga and sound healing lover.

Slow Traveling, Slow Living 

Collecting, documenting and offering experiences through slow traveling

By the end of  2018 we started traveling together. Since our trip trough India, Bangladesh and Nepal in 2018 and 2019 we are documenting series of small stories ongoing, through environmental sounds and photography. Since 2022 we offer our planning and travel experiences to other people, by bringing people to places we have visited. Our selection is continuously expanding.
Besides this, we provide space to artists in our residency in the city of Chittagong.

The start of Moment of Joy happened while we were sitting in the streets of Kolkata, waiting for our chai (tea), when we noticed people rushing and missing all the small moments. That's why we started recording and capturing these small moments. In 2022 we want to share these places with other people as well, by offering travel packages, artist residence, personal tours and visa services. 


Melamchi, Nepal.