"Take the time to restore, by realising it is about you. So you can start to synchronise with your own truth."

Welcome on the Slow Sessions page of Moment of Joy. Here you can book Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Ayurveda or Slow Counseling sessions with Reina. 

The Slow Sessions

Why slow?

The Slow Sessions are all designed by Reina and matches with the Moment of Joy vision, which is to enjoy the small moments in life. For being open to these small moments in life, it means that you need to slow down the pace.

Nowadays many people are burned out or develop illnesses caused by our fast pace and the huge amount of stress and pressure. All slow sessions therefore start in the first place with slowing down.

The best results will be gotten when more than one session is booked, so that time can do a big part of the work as well. Change and development requires trust, practice and determination. Reina guides you in this process.

Reina is not a licensed physical or mental health professional (for example medical doctor): when having serious mental or physical ailments, visit a doctor or psychotherapist first. 

The Slow Movement

The Slow Movement gradually developed itself after the year 1986. It was the year in which McDonald's built its first restaurant in Rome. During a protest against this by using local crafts and ingredients, the Slow Food Movement was born. This developed itself later into for example Slow Living, Slow Traveling or a full philosophy for a Slow Planet. 

The Slow Movement can be seen as a cultural revolution against the notion that fast is always better. Some of the principles of the Slow Movement:

- a slower approach to aspects of daily life, a relaxed or leisurely pace

- focus lies on the quality of experiences, relationships, goods, food, traveling etcetera, instead of the quantity of it

- focus lies on joy and awareness of small things (senses, moments, experiences, changes)

After using the principles of Slow Movement in her personal life, Reina uses the principles now in the programs as a professional.


Working according to your nature and characteristics. 

More compassion for yourself and for others. 

Peace and comfort with who you are and/or how you look.

Feeling more healthy, confident, happy and positive.

For who?

All the Slow Sessions are for you, if you are ready to take responsibility of your life and health! You want to start working on self care, with deep relaxation and restoration, with practicing yoga, or you want to explore your lifestyle on a deeper level. To eventually build more strength, confidence and presence in daily life. 

All program designs are based on a holistic mindset. Do you want to dive deeper into your journey, yourself and/or physical, mental and energetic body? Let's do it! 

The sessions are designed for you, if:

  • you want to work on your health, happiness, a positive mindset and/or spiritual practices.
  • you are looking for personal guidance in the form of individual and private sessions.
  • you believe in a holistic way of working, think that both body and mind are connected and want to explore this more. 
  • you need extra attention in case of a physical ailment, inflexibility or physical disability.
  • you are drawn to a slower lifestyle or the principles of the Slow Movement and yoga philosophy.
  • you want to build on your inner peace, self love and confidence level.

    And so much more!  Please check the individual programs, to find something which is fitting you, or contact Reina below.

    Visit always a doctor in case of physical or mental illness and pain.

Where and when?

You can book a session from all over the world, by selecting a spot on the calendar. The sessions take place online (Zoom) or in physical. At this moment of time in Niketon, Dhaka.

Sessions booked are valid until 6 months after purchasing.

Reina her personal journey

I grew up with Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda, although I didn't know it was called like that yet.
When I was a child, my mom taught my sister and me how to do body scans (a form of meditation and observation) and introduced me at a very young age with the book 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle.
My dad used to have a garden and grew fresh vegetables and herbs, you could find me there often.
I was raised in a very musical family and started playing violin when I was 9 years old, music helped me through difficult periods of time in my life. 


After childhood, for a while yoga and Ayurveda were out of my life. Until I started to get body aches - a sign of ignoring my body's boundaries for too long. That's when I realised I needed to take control over my food patterns, how I treated myself and my body. But also, how I could live in this fast and sometimes very hard world by practicing meditation and doing energy work.

I am considering myself as a very sensitive being, so everything that is happening outside of me - for example certain moods, gossiping, news or food - has an impact on me and my body. And I believe this is applicable to everyone. I needed to take responsibility and find a way of handling this. 

Kundalini yoga came on my path and I went to classes for about 2 years, at a studio in my hometown. When I moved from that place, and got a bigger garden, I continued self practice and started growing fresh vegetables and herbs in the garden.

Later, when mostly traveling around and living in between houses, I wasn't so active with my Yoga Asana (poses) practices that period of time. I hiked a lot, learned a lot from local people/different cultures, meditated and eventually I did a 10 days Vipassana silent retreat in Sikkim, India. This all together absolutely changed my life, world view and lifestyle. 

A 200 hour yoga teacher training, Ayurveda specialist training and sound healing in 2020, sharing my experience and knowledge is the next step in my life. The journey is still going on. I hope to guide anyone who is open to explore his or her body, lifestyle and mindset with the several programs I offer.

Do you have any questions about the program or my way of working?
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