Do you want to work on yourself and your health? 


This Yoga Only series is designed for anyone who wants private guidance with his or her yoga journey. Depending on your needs and goals we will work on your health and body. We will work with Slow Vinyasa Flows, Yin Yoga, Restorative and/or Chair yoga.
Private sessions can be held in English, Dutch or Frisian.

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For who?

These yoga only sessions are perfect:
- when you want to start with yoga;
- when group classes are going to fast or are too overwhelming;
- when you experience physical restrictions or complications during yoga sessions;
- when you just want more personal guidance on your journey.

What will be the result?

During the first session grab some cup of tea and we will discuss your needs, wishes, expectations and goals. After this, we slowly explore your body's strengths, boundaries and progress. We will work on your personal goals during the sessions. The result will be dependent on this.  

After 6 or 12 sessions you will at least feel more strong, healthy and confident. With the things you learned, you can go on individually or we can plan more sessions if the need is there. 

Where and when do the sessions take place?

The sessions can be all done online, in the comfort of your own home (from everywhere around the world!). Or at this moment you can book a physical session in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The sessions are flexible to schedule. Whenever suits you best, according to the availability. The sessions are available until 6 months after purchasing. 

Duration 1 hour

Private session, personal guidance

Online or physical, from all over the world

Asanas, meditation,  breathing technique


Yoga Only - 25% Spring Discount!

€300.00 €225.00

Yoga Only - 25% Spring Discount!

€300.00 €225.00

Yoga Only
6 or 12 sessions, individual and private
1 hour per session

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*Sessions are valid until 6 months after purchasing. 

If you are interested in online personal yoga sessions, contact me below for scheduling a 30 minute call. This way you will get your questions answered and both you and me will see if it is a good fit!

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