Ready to transform your life?

  • Do you want to work on a positive mindset, happiness, strength and confidence?

  • Do you want to strengthen your natural immunity system and listen better to your body's needs?

  • Do you think yoga is not for you, because of your posture, weight, body pains or stiffness? 

  • Do you want private and personal guidance in your search for a healthy, present and balanced life? 

    Then the Slow Health program is designed for you. Apply now! 


Running around, from one assignment to another. Or sitting the whole day in the office, on the same chair. When you come home, you cook quickly something easy or put a prepped meal in the oven. Do the necessary things and go to sleep. 


Sometimes you have a day off, but when someone asks you to do a task for them, you'll find it difficult to say 'no'. Catching up with your friends is oftentimes coming first, even before your self care time and recharging space.

When you have the time to relax, you actually unconsciously have forgotten how to relax. It is more easy for you to go on with another task. It is likely, you don't even notice how easy this has become for you. 

Sometimes you have headaches, feel exhausted and overwhelmed, tensed, thinking a lot about the future or having body aches. Ah yeah, your body. You almost forgot that you have a body... 

You don't need to feel like this!


  • Did you know that you can feel completely different with only a couple of lifestyle changes and some minutes of investment in yourself every day?

  • That the food you eat, the amount of water you drink, your body type and characteristics are having a big influence on how you feel?

  • That 'working out very hard' is not necessarily needed to feel better about yourself?

  • That you can build confidence easily with practicing self care, working on your body image, yourself and your health? 

The Slow Health Program

The Slow Health program is for you, if you are ready to take responsibility of your life and health! You want to start working on self care, with practicing yoga, or you want to explore your lifestyle on a deeper level. 

In 5 private (online or physical) sessions you will be working on your health, strength and confidence - based on your body type and according to the (Ayurvedic) principles of your nature.

This program is not designed to work towards a perfect pose, but more so to tune into the subtle movements of your body, listen to it and set the needed boundaries. To eventually build more strength, confidence and presence in daily life. 

The program design is based on a holistic mindset, including Yoga and Ayurveda.  Unfortunately in this fast world, the practice of Yoga is oftentimes being completely taken out of context. Do you want to dive deeper into your journey, yourself and body? Let's do it!

Working according to your nature and characteristics. 

More compassion for yourself and for others. 

Peace and comfort with who you are and how you look.

Feeling healthier, flexible,  strong and confident.

What do you get? 


  • 5 private Slow Health sessions of 1,5 hour - mainly yoga sessions, possible to extend with another 30 minutes sound healing. Online (from everywhere across the world) or physical (only possible in Bangladesh).  

  • An Ayurveda Dosha questionary - to determine with which Dosha and elements you and your body resonate most.

  • Designed practices for you, based on your body type and your physical boundaries.

  • Designed practices for you to build up strength, presence and confidence. 

  • Personal guidance in whatever comes up in your journey towards a positive, healthy and happy life. 

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Total of 5 private sessions (90 minutes) 
Extra Sound Healing sessions (4x30 minutes)

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The Program

The Slow Health program is designed our of a mix of (Yin, Restorative, Chair) yoga, Ayurveda and the principles of the Slow Movement. Under my guidance, you will have a safe space to explore the boundaries, possibilities and strengths of your lifestyle, body and mind.

Let's break down stigma's on how you need to be or look like. It is for you to experience the benefits of yoga, more than 'working out'. In this program you will not be only working physically, but also mentally on your body image. Surprisingly enough (because of this) you might see physical changes as well. 

During the sessions, we focus on: 

  • how do you experience sensations in your body - rather than striving towards a completion of an Asana/pose
  • developing compassion, self love, a positive body image and confidence
  • pranayama/breathing techniques
  • meditation techniques

Are you ready to invest in yourself? 

The yoga used in this program is based on: 

Yin Yoga, which was in the first place to practice Asana's to eventually stay for a longer period of time in the Lotus pose (meditation pose). Nowadays it is used to discover the body's boundaries, to breath deeply into muscles and connective tissues and to experience the body in a more conscious way. It is a yoga for letting go of tension and to stretch. 

Restorative Yoga, which is meant to fully release the body. The purpose is to reduce stress and to develop the physical health. It is a form of yoga which can be done by anyone and it is one of the most relaxing forms of yoga. In a society which is overloading our senses and in which we most of the times don't know anymore the natural feeling of recharging ourselves, Restorative Yoga has became extra important. It helps to shift the focus to inside and to consciously experience relaxation. 

Chair Yoga, which is especially for people who have body aches, physical disabilities, restrictions or who are not capable of doing all the Asanas on the floor (for whatever reason).
It can be easily implemented in daily life. Especially when you are doing office work and/or if you don't have the time to put down a yoga mat.

Yoga in general is about balance. Yoga means 'Union' or 'Harmony', and is always a practice of poses (Asanas), breath work and meditation all together. Every Asana or technique has its own physical and mental benefits. Besides the releasing, relaxation and stretching, during the Slow Health program we will also focus on building strength . Although in a gentle and calm way. 


During the first session we will do an Ayurvedic Dosha questionary, to determine with which body and personality type you resonate most.

Since this program is holistic, we will never use this only to design the yoga practices further on in the program. But we use this to explore what could fit in your lifestyle to optimise your health, natural immunity system and confidence. 

Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine - developed more than 3.000 years ago in India. In Sankskrit 'Ayur' means life and 'Veda' science or knowledge. Therefore, translated Ayurveda means knowledge of life. It can consist out of diet, herbal remedies, massage, yoga and meditation. In this program lifestyle tips, yoga and meditation will be discussed and applied. We often eat a lot of processed foods and forget about the health benefits of Ayurvedic principles.  

If you have any health problems or mental instabilities, always visit a medical doctor. When taking already other medication, always discuss with your doctor before applying any Ayurvedic medicine. I am not a medical specialist and not giving any advice accordingly. 

Sound healing - extra option

After every session it is possible to extend it with 30 minutes of Sound Healing for extra relaxation. Sound is a super powerful tool; its vibrations can enter the energetic, mental, emotional and physical body very deeply. It is to heal, clear blockages and relax deeply. I will create a sound bath experience so you can let go of tension and stress. For more information, contact me down below or order the Slow Health program in combination with the Sound Healing session. 

My personal Yoga and Ayurveda journey

I grew up with Sound Healing, Yoga and Ayurveda, although I didn't know it was called like that yet. When I was a child, my mom taught my sister and me how to do body scans (a form of meditation and observation). My dad used to have a garden and grew fresh vegetables and herbs, you could find me there often. I was raised in a very musical family and started playing violin when I was 9 years old, music helped me through difficult periods of time in my life.  

After childhood, for a while yoga and Ayurveda was out of my life. Until I started to get body aches - a sign of ignoring my body's boundaries for too long. That's when I realised I needed to take control over my food patterns, how I treated myself and my body. But also, how I could live in this fast and sometimes very hard world.

I am considering myself as a sensitive being, so everything that is happening outside of me - for example certain moods, gossiping, news or food - has an impact on me and my body. And I believe this is applicable to everyone. I needed to take responsibility and find a way of handling this. 

Kundalini yoga came on my path and I went to classes for about 2 years, at a studio in my hometown. When I moved from that place, and got a bigger garden, I continued self practice and started growing fresh vegetables and herbs in the garden.

Later, when mostly traveling around and living in between houses, I wasn't so active with my Yoga Asana (poses) practices that period of time. I hiked a lot, meditated and eventually I did a Vipassana silent retreat, which absolutely changed my life. 

The journey is still going on, and with a yoga teacher training, Ayurveda specialist training and sound healing level one in 2020, this was the next step in my life. I hope to guide anyone who is open to explore his or her body and mindset with the Slow Health program.

Have any questions about the program or my way of working?
Don't hesitate to contact me! 

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The Slow Movement

The Slow Movement gradually developed itself after the year 1986. It was the year in which McDonald's built its first restaurant in Rome. During a protest against this by using local crafts and ingredients, the Slow Food Movement was born. This developed itself later into for example Slow Living, Slow Traveling or a full philosophy for a Slow Planet. 

The Slow Movement can be seen as a cultural revolution against the notion that fast is always better. Some of the principles of the Slow Movement:

- a slower approach to aspects of daily life, a relaxed or leisurely pace

- focus lies on the quality of experiences, relationships, goods, food, traveling etcetera, instead of the quantity of it

- focus lies on joy and awareness of small things (senses, moments, experiences, changes)

- Slow: Sustainable, Local, Organic, Whole

After using the principles of Slow Movement in my personal life, I use the principles in the programs I offer as a professional.

Do you want to learn how to tap into your body and act according to its needs?