Slow Health program - 50% Spring Discount!

€375.00 €187.50
Slow Health program - 50% Spring Discount!

Total of 5 private sessions (90 minutes) 
Extra Sound Healing sessions (4x30 minutes)

Now 50% discount!

Online (order here) or during the first physical session.
Payment in one or two terms possible.

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Ready to transform your life?

  • Do you want to work on a positive mindset, happiness, strength and confidence?

  • Do you want to strengthen your natural immunity system and listen better to your body's needs?

  • Do you think yoga is not for you, because of your posture, weight, body pains or stiffness? 

  • Do you want private and personal guidance in your search for a healthy, present and balanced life? 

    Then the Slow Health program is designed for you. Apply now! 



Running around, from one assignment to another. Or sitting the whole day in the office, on the same chair. When you come home, you cook quickly something easy or put a prepped meal in the oven. Do the necessary things and go to sleep. 


Sometimes you have a day off, but when someone asks you to do a task for them, you'll find it difficult to say 'no'. Catching up with your friends is oftentimes coming first, even before your self care time and recharging space.

When you have the time to relax, you actually unconsciously have forgotten how to relax. It is more easy for you to go on with another task. It is likely, you don't even notice how easy this has become for you. 

Sometimes you have headaches, feel exhausted and overwhelmed, tensed, thinking a lot about the future or having body aches. Ah yeah, your body. You almost forgot that you have a body... 


The Slow Health program is for you, if you are ready to take responsibility of your life and health! You want to start working on self care, with practicing yoga, or you want to explore your lifestyle on a deeper level. 

In 5 private (online or physical) sessions you will be working on your health, strength and confidence - based on your body type and according to the (Ayurvedic) principles of your nature.

This program is not designed to work towards a perfect pose, but more so to tune into the subtle movements of your body, listen to it and set the needed boundaries. To eventually build more strength, confidence and presence in daily life. 

The program design is based on a holistic mindset, including Yoga and Ayurveda.  Unfortunately in this fast world, the practice of Yoga is oftentimes being completely taken out of context. Do you want to dive deeper into your journey, yourself and body? Let's do it!