First Music Video 'Mystical Evening'

Published on 1 October 2019 at 13:28

We are so excited to present you our first Music Video called 'Mystical Evening'.
It's recorded at Cox's Bazar beach in Bangladesh; the longest natural sand beach in the world. 

The story behind the video: 
When we wanted to just sit on the beach calmly, a lot of local children came curiously towards us. Adil started shooting and they were playing with the camera; running away from it when Adil turned the camera towards them. This moment was a moment of absolute joy for us and everyone around us.  
Later on in the video you can see a local fisher man.

Reina afterwards used sounds of the waves as a starting point to make the soundscape. Together this makes the first music video produced by Moment of Joy. 

Check it out, enjoy and let us know if you like it!
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Lots of love, Adil and Reina

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