Finding Shelter Nagarkot

The story

We met this old lady in Nepal, Nagarkot. 
While we were hiking it started to rain really heavily. We needed to find a place for shelter. 
Finally we reached a small clay house . Around this house there were chickens, a cow and several goats. There was nobody home when we arrived there. We wondered who the owner was of this place. But we were dry underneath the veranda. 

Suddenly there arrived a lady who let the cow inside of the clay home; the cow had no shelter  because of the rain (and thunder storm). Then she offered us water.  Which turned out to be ROXY, a local alcoholic drink which is very strong and home made. She told us she was worried about her friend, who was still working outside in the thunder storm. Luckily her friend came back a couple of minutes later. 
After the rain we went on towards our next destination. 

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