Stand like a tree, flow like a river

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🌳Stand like a mountain, flow like a river. 🌳
Today I felt called to share some affirmations. 💛Affirmations are positive statements which you can say out loud or in your mind. They have a positive and affirmative impact on your subconscious beliefs and can make a big change in your life.
When saying these affirmations, try to feel what is happening in your body. Try to really feel it, not to only repeat it. You can close your eyes and tap into this feeling. For the greatest result, repeat it on a daily basis.
In this picture I am standing in between the Himalaya mountains, in front of a river and with trees in the background, these affirmations are inspired by this. Enjoy 🙏
River affirmations:
I am adapting myself to every situation and change the flow of life brings.
I am overflowing with love, abundance and joy.
I am attuned to the universe, mother earth and its flow.
I am allowing creativity to flow through me with ease.
I am allowing a river of compassion washing away my anger and replacing it with love.
Tree affirmations:
I am so worthy that I am deeply and well-rooted.
I am having deep roots which are helping me to do all the things without any fear.
I am giving energy to myself by feeding my body with healthy food and water.
I am grateful for where I came from, I am sensing the wisdom of my ancestors and honour my roots.
I have everything I need and feel that I am nurtured by mother earth.
Mountain affirmations:
I am solid and calm like a mountain.
I am brave enough to climb even the highest mountain.
I am at peace within myself and in peace with the world around me.
I am powerful and feel safe enough to stand my ground.
I am rocking it!
Which affirmation is resonating with you at this moment?
Love, Reina
Picture by robot.adil 💛
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