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After a while I am back again! :D

Two months back I broke my phone. Having Instagram installed on it, and of course a camera, it was really a Detox the first couple of days.

When I went out, I didn't have anything to look at whenever I needed to wait for something. I noticed that I often did that, otherwise I would feel awkward. I would not know where to see or what to do, so it was very comfortable to grab the phone and avoid the uncomfortable feeling.

On the other hand, suddenly I felt light and I loved not to wear any bag with me. Once embracing the discomfort and the lightness, I loved my time offline!

I got used to the feeling and saw other people grabbing their phone when they had a moment off - out of discomfort, or not, I don't know. Or making pictures of everything around them everywhere.

And I discovered that these moments in between our activities are so important. It gives us the time to stand still and consciously connect with ourselves and our environment again.

So often we are in the middle of our activities, not noticing when one activity stops and another one starts. Or sometimes we are so busy with taking pictures that we actually forget to be in the moment.

I will definitely leave my phone more in my bag or in the corner of the room whenever my second hand phone will be delivered. ;)

How conscious are you about the usage of your phone?
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