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Shout out to comfort and relaxation 

Dear people; I am offering my 1 to 1 yoga classes for free (donation appreciated) until I get my certificate (almost, yes!). At this moment in time I am located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Otherwise I will do the class by Zoom or Skype.

Send me a DM if you are seriously interested. Looking forward!

For whom? 
In the first place yoga is for everyone, but my focus is on:
- Are you just starting yoga or do you want to start?
- Are you already doing yoga for a longer period of time, but do you want to explore especially restorative and/or chair yoga together with me?
- Are you interested in pranayama / breathing / meditation / chanting? 
- Do you want to know more about Ayurveda or what this can do for you?

Don’t expect work-outs or gym-like sequences; I offer 1 to 1 guidance and will explore as well the philosophy. I am implementing Sound Healing or Vipassana if that is having your interest. The focus is on the state of relaxation in which things can be released and healing can occur.

Sharing = caring. Hope to see you soon!

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