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Best ever 

Natural beauty. What does that mean to you? How important are looks and what does beauty mean?

After traveling around I saw that everywhere beauty standards are so diverse. In The Netherlands people go for a sunshower to get a brown tint, in Asia people buy creme to make your skin more white.

Skinny, half naked girls and women are projected on big bill boards in The Netherlands. Whereas in Bangladesh I get comments if I don't wear a scarf in a certain way (to cover the hair).

When does it stop? The control on how girls and women should look or act. And no dear, not only from guys; lets stop judging and shaming each other girls as well. To give a well-meant compliment about lifestyle or looks to another women is having confidence big time.

You know, I feel most of the time best when I am at home after a long day; messy hair, relaxing pants and no make-up. Working on my inner beauty, by giving myself some love and care. Best ever. Isn't that what counts most?

<3 Reina

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