Small Blog - What do you want to become when you grow up?

Picture taken of Reina on a holiday in München, Germany, with their dog 'Stip', in 1994 she thinks. 

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What do you want to become when you grow up? 

Teacher, psychologist, mother, presenter of a tv show - interviewing the Spice Girls, famous music artist - being like one of the Spice Girls, working at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), fashion designer, architect of houses and interior, traveler, painter and so on.

Yes, that were my main answers to give when grown up people would ask me what I would want to become. Changing with the time and with the age. 

I would be probably needing a thousand of lifetimes to let this all come true. Though there is also something so beautiful in it; when we are a child, our identity is actually very fluid and pure. One day we want to become a famous actress, the other day we want to become an ice cream seller. You can say; that is truly being in the moment...

And did you know that that is actually a very natural state of being? Every second our body renews itself with thousands of new cells. If you think about it that way; the concept of identity can be seen as an illusion. 

Our feeling of being one and the same person comes from our memories in our brain which is making one story out of it. It is like a movie with thousands of frames, but when watching it, it becomes one story.

By knowing this; you can actually change the story constantly! Can you imagine how free you are? You are the creator of your own life, you can pick the story you want to focus on and start creating the life you want right now. Where would you like to focus on and what would you want to create?

<3 Reina

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