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"Maybe she was a wallflower. There was no shame in that. Especially not if one enjoyed being a wallflower."

- Julia Quinn

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Wall Flower

Wallflowers. Amazingly beautiful, only if you would take a moment to understand. How rich a wallflower is experiencing the world for example.

Oftentimes I got to hear I am silent, boring even. In groups or in crowds. Insecure or shy. As a child I started actually believing this, later on I understood I am doing nothing 'wrong' and I started accepting that I can't change the way other people think about me.

I am actually enjoying it now. I am in peace, instead of feeling I need 'to do something'. I know I am already enough and I don't need to do anything in order to convince someone else that I am confident, jolly, not shy or insecure (and by the way, nothing wrong with that either).

Only if I enjoy talking, I talk. Only if I enjoy to participate actively in activities, I participate. Only if I feel comfortable with people around me I can decide to open up. Only if I enjoy sharing something, I share something.

And if not; I am feeling the flower inside of myself and see it in others around me. In silence, very much enjoying.

Which parts of yourself are you enjoying today?

<3 Reina

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