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"If we don’t want life to pass us by, while the world is swiveling around us, let’s look inwards and turn things upside down in the inner chambers of our mind. Only after reshuffling our rooted values we can look outwards, find out the fascinations of life, and rediscover our selves, layer after layer."

- Erik Pevernagie

Upside Down

Always I try to develop myself by asking questions and going into the inner chambers for expansion. At the same time it is important to connect with your roots and remember yourself about who you truly are. Beyond your bodily experience, carreer, family ties, posessions, society ideas or framing and judgements.

Turn everything - slowly if it going too fast or maybe you can lovingly kick your own ass if it is not moving at all - upside down. In order to discover that you are stronger than you thought you would be.

Try to look at it with glasses of fascination and gratefulness. And if you can not find this glass for a moment - it is fine whatever comes up.

<3 Reina

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