Enchanting Morning

“In the cycle of nature there is no such a thing as victory of defeat; there is only movement.” - Paulo Coelho


Mornings. They are truly beautiful. When the sun sets and a new day is entering our lives. 

Isn't the earth and its cycles learning us, that everything comes in cycles. Nature comes in cycles. Seasons come in cycles. The waves come in cycles. The moon, sun and stars come in cycles. The body goes through cycles. Life itself is a cycle. And it would be an illusion to think that we can break these cycles, ignore or even fight against them. 

The images and sounds we shot on Ibiza in winter time 2020, just before the travel restrictions were announced. After this timelapse I went into the sea and dipped into its healing salty waters. When I came out the cold water I felt as if I was new. This music video is an homage to the earth, thankful for the cycles of all kind. Let’s take care of the earth and what it brings us.


Enjoy the ride and let the waves of the sound, music and images wash away what needs to be washed away. 


<3 Reina


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