Who are we?


From Bangladesh.
Executive producer. 
Street photographer.
Amazing cook.
Short film maker.
Music and nature lover.


From The Netherlands.
Creative producer and fund raiser.
Music producer and song writer.
Recording environmental sounds.
Editing video and writing blogs.
Yoga lover and teacher. 

Moment of Joy 

We aim to give small moments of joy a platform, by documenting and capturing stories around us. 

In our busy and fast life it is so easy to pass by and not notice these small moments anymore.   

"Every single second of life is so precious. It inspires us to enjoy these small moments in our lives."

We hope to inspire people all over the world to open up for those small moments again.

To feel more connected and be more aware of the world, nature and people around us.

Slow Traveling, Slow Living 

Collecting and documenting stories through slow traveling

By the end of  2018 we started traveling together. Since our trip trough India, Bangladesh and Nepal in 2018 and 2019 we are documenting series of small stories ongoing, through environmental sounds and photography.

We were sitting in the streets of Kolkata, waiting for our chai (tea), when we noticed people rushing and missing all the small moments. That's why we started recording and capturing these small moments, to make people aware of it again and bringing them towards that moment.
Check out our short travel stories here.

In the meantime we also developed:

- Writing blogs about slow traveling and slow living.

- Making music videos.

- Doing live streams and creating an open discussion.

- Selling local or hand made products in our online shop or on Etsy.com. 

With your purchase, you are 100% supporting our projects or other amazing initiatives!

Where it began

In 2019 we went traveling to Nagarkot in Nepal, and we stopped at a camp site. We found out the owner was so called 'International Uncle'. He used to be a former tour guide and now a host of this place. We stayed with him a couple of days. 
Eventually the topic came on slow traveling.

Because we were going really slow, some people would consider us lazy. 
International uncle said something amazing, which we still use:

"You are not lazy, you are relaxed travellers."

Slowly we started to understand that our way of traveling existed, we didn't know the name or we were not aware of: 'Slow Movement'.

Yes, we are relaxed travellers. But we discovered so much more on things of the slow movement, like slow food and slow living. Still our journey is going on.

At this moment we are working on new initiatives again. 
You can read, see and experience our story on this website. Or contact us below for more information.


Lots of love, Adil and Reina



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