We are Adil from Bangladesh and Reina from The Netherlands.

By the end of  2018 we started traveling together. During our trip trough India, Bangladesh and Nepal in 2018 and 2019 we were  documenting a series of small stories. And published short music videos. 

Both of us really enjoy the little moments in life, so we decided to start artist collective Moment of Joy. 

"Every single second of life is so precious. It inspires us to enjoy these small moments in our lives."
-Moment of Joy

Reina: music producer and song writer. Recording environmental sounds. Editing video and writing blogs.

Adil: short film maker and street photographer.

We want to inspire people all over the world to enjoy small moments in our lives by uploading pictures, short videos, environmental sounds and short stories.  But also by writing (travel)blogs and offering and promoting local or hand made products.

Each and every single moment has his own story. In our busy and fast life it is so easy to pass by and not notice these small moments anymore.  

With giving these moments a platform, we hope to inspire people all over the world to open up for those small moments again.